Here's a small sampling of travel we have enabled for India in the last few years.

Cycling Holidays | Rajasthan, India


We, at Quest Expeditions are an extremely passionate lot who believe in having a fantabulous time wherever our footsteps take us. While we do staunchly consider fun a forerunner in all of our travels and expeditions, we do not ever compromise on customer safety and can assure you all that we are as responsible as we are insane. So no worries peeps. We’ll go out on a limb here and say that we might not all be on the same wavelength and we do have our occasional fall-outs, but when it all boils down to adventure tourism, we’re all 101% dedicated to our job and making it as crazy and thrilling as possible for you’ll. That’s an extra 1%, mind you! We’ll grow on you just as much as you’ll grow on us, and that’ll make the perfect recipe for FUN FUN FUN! With our slightly “off the beaten track” CEO making tea in the wee hours of dawn, the atmosphere at Quest is very relaxed, laid-back and informal, but that mustn’t be taken advantage of, or else you’ll probably be shoved down a ditch or thrown down a valley. Okay, we exaj’ a little. We do have our rules and regulations but we’re an open-minded bunch of people, ready to take you up on anything! All said and done, though we come from diverse backgrounds, there is still that invisible thread that binds us all together. That thread, my friends, is Quest!

Lamayuru Monastery | Ladakh, India


If you’re of the mindset that you have to be one of those body-builders or WWF wrestlers to travel with us, you’re blatantly mistaken and how! You don’t have to be a Sylvester Stallone out of Rambo to join us on our excursions. If you’re really that hesitant, take a good look at our guides. Looking at them, you’d probably think that there’s no way in hell they’d be able to accomplish formidable feats, but it’s quite the contrary. To clear the air, it isn’t about your how tall, short, fat or thin you are. So long as you’re fit and well, you can freely travel with us, no hassles, no worries. True, to do the more grueling expeditions, you will have to undergo physical training and a variety of tests, but our focal point is, nothing is impossible. There’s something for everyone; from the fit and adventurous who’d probably like to get into the nitty-gritty of things to the ‘soft travelers’ who like to travel in luxury from point A to point B. We’re a very accommodating bunch who aim at making your trip with us one you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Our travelers wonder if Quest trips might be beyond their capabilities. Relax! We have a huge range of trips, with something for everybody. To assist you in deciding which trip is right for you, please refer to our “trip grade” that is included in the facts section for most itineraries.