Kitesurfing Internship in India

RAmeswaram, tamil nadu

Come stay with us for 1 month and learn kitesurfing with a hands on experience.

kitesurfing internship india

Why an internship? Compared to traditional lessons an internship gives you an opportunity to see how the business is run, life on the beach, and learn valuable lessons that are transferrable into any environment whether you decide to stay in the sport or move on to something else.

It's a chance to come experience something entirely different, something that will open your eyes to a whole other world. You will be responsible for cleaning the gear, keeping the shop tidy, helping customers carry their gear and setup, assisting the instructors on courses, among other things.

 We offer fully inclusive packages including huge discounts on kite gear, beginner to advanced, and even all the way up to instructor.

A day in the life would entail:
7:00am wake up & assist with breakfast setup
9:00am Tidying the shop, check our bookings list, monitor weather, put out sales and post conditions on signboards, Inventory equipment, begin any courses.
10:30am Coursework, Kitesurfing
1:00pm Lunch
2:00pm Coursework, theory, Kitesurfing
6:00pm Clean equipment make sure it's dry, inventory

Next day: Repeat

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