You might have heard that kiteboarding is an extreme sport (which it is) and is very difficult to learn but may not be entirely true. It is easy and anyone who is fond of it can become a good kite surfer. However, anyone who is interested in learning should take proper training and lessons. It can prove to be lethal for you and other kite surfers if it’s done without the proper training.

Kitesurfing or Kiteboarding in the clear blue waters of India. An amazing location to learn kiteboarding with professional instructors.

Progression in the sport is limitless.

Kiteboarding in India, learn & progress in the sport

Kiteboarding is an amazing sport

It’s like windsurfing, paragliding, sailing and surfing all in one.  It is a refreshing and adventurous sport that requires not only surfing skills but also takes a lot of balancing technique. Once you get going on it, there is no better feeling. Many people consider kite boarding an extremely physical sport which requires a lot of strength and fitness but it’s just a myth. You only use your arm for steering and it requires only average upper body strength. People of any age can do it. It doesn’t matter that you are in 20’s or 60’s, if you take lessons and practice it then, you can do it!

Kite boarding is not that hard but if you think you will start riding on the very first attempt then you might be wrong. Because, no matter how effortless it looks, when you watch riders doing it, it’s still one of those sports which you would have to learn from a proper school and take lessons. It depends from person to person how long they take to learn. Some prove to be quick learners while some have to practice a lot before they really start riding the waves.

Getting Started

It’s not at all an expensive sport! All you need is to buy kiteboarding gear or you can get a used one too. Obviously, lessons are not cheap but on the whole you would need apron 500$ to learn the sport followed by 2000$ to 2500$ to get your own equipment once independent. Once you have it, go on! Water is your playground and wind is all yours, there are no operational expenses like fuel!


Things to remember before starting kiteboarding

Before you start planning to learn kiteboarding, you need to keep few things in your mind.

Ø  Swimmer? Kitesurfing is your sport

Swimming is a very important skill if you want to learn kitesurfing and good swimming skills are concerned here. How much you can swim and for how long? These things are very important to measure the distance up to which you can kite surf. If anything goes wrong then you have to swim back to the shore. So, you have to surf the distance through which you can swim back.

Ø  Safety comes first

If you are taking kite surfing classes, you need to instill in your mind that it puts a lot of responsibility on you because beach is a crowded area and if you mishandle the kiteboarding gear, the result can prove to be mortal. You have to be aware of your surrounding and have a good control over yourself.

Ø  It’s not like playing cricket at all

You won’t be riding up on the very first day. It will take time so, be ready for investing your time. You have to learn it in order to do it.

Ø  Get the training

If you think you can do it without learning or taking lessons, then you are absolutely wrong. It is one of those sports which you should avoid exploring on your own. You should rather find a good school and a qualified instructor.

A qualified instructor would make your experience go smooth and fun. As it is one of those sports which involves a lot of risk but a good instructor would instruct you all the things you need to know without missing the fun part. For many people, it is lengthy process and they had to do a lot of practice before they really start but a good instructor would never underestimate you, he would rather buck you up. This is very important to keep in mind what your instructor tells you in the early days of your learningprocess by keeping your own creativity aside because you are responsible for not only your safety but also responsible for the safety of people who arejust chilling on the beach.

With this magnificent experience, there comes a huge responsibility; the responsibility of your own life and many others. There is absolutely no way you should consider it like another sport by underestimating the risk involved in it. Saving money by avoiding lessons can cost you much more actually because:

·       You would completely destroy your kiteboard after doing few wasted attempts.

·       Secondly, there is quite a probability that you would harm yourself and others in this process which we hope you don’t. But, in case, if it happens it can open law suit against you.

·       Thirdly, if your harm yourself and get injured in this process then injuries would surely cost much more than what you would have spent on lessons.

By not taking lessons, the time you would have spent chilling and playing with the waves and experiencing the most magnificent experience of your entire life, now you would spent in the hospital. So just eliminate the thought of doing it on your own without taking lessons.

Where to get lessons?

You have to well analyze the place where you want to kite surf. You have to scrutinize the weather as well. For example, the area where you want to take your lessons has light or unreliable wind then it is advised to search a nice place on the internet which is near to you and also has more reliable conditions of weather. If you are travelling and want to kite surf too then always do your homework about the weather because you might end up your precious time over wind issues.

For this purpose, you can go talk to the student of the school where you are planning to get admission. They would definitely let you know about their overall experience. Before you select a particular school, make sure you do your homework by doing the following:

Ø  Getting the reviews

 Analyze the reviews of students about their overall experience. You can also ask about their experience with any particular instructor.

Ø  Getting to know about weather conditions

 You can ask if they refund your money in case the wind is unfavorable for kitesurfing. This is a   wind dependent sport and it won’t work unless the wind and weather is in favorable conditions.

Ø  Getting to know about equipment

You should also research what techniques and equipments they use in their school? Is the equipment new? What safety measures do they use? You can also inquire about the teaching aid. Ask them if instructor uses radio helmets.

Ø  Selecting a Certified instructor

Ask the school, you want to get into, has certified instructors. If they have them, they would definitely show how much serious they are with their work. Always go for a certified instructor.

Ø  Selecting a school after doing research

Explore and visit different schools. You can also call them to inquire about the points mentioned above. You have to research appropriately before getting admission.

Glimpse of how it feels to get the lessons

Here is a glimpse of what your experience would be like if you get into a school for learning kite surfing.

On the very first day, you would have sessions regarding kite boarding, wind and safety. It is usually known as beach talk because a lot of information is passed on to the student. Don’t for a minute think that instructor would let you touch the kite on the first day. First day mostly includes introductory sessions. After your instructor thinks that he/she has passed all the necessary information, it’s time for you to learn the basics. Basics include rigging, launching and flying a kite. They might give you trainer kites which would help you in learning kitesurfing.

Now, it’s your time to fly the kite in water. For the first time, you would be going into the water without the board that is known as body dragging. Body dragging helps you with your kite flying skills and also helps you to maintain your power control. If you do well, means if you fly kite and maintain your power control at the same time, it’s time for you to take your skate with you in the water.

Make sure you ask your instructor and the shopkeeper, you would buy the equipment from, that which stake board size and kite would be suitable for the person of your size. Ask what safety equipment you should have while you are kitesurfing. It depends upon the weather conditions of your area too.

Once you are done with the lessons and have the equipment, you can actually enjoy the magnificent and heavenly experience of kitesurfing. You’re a rookie kite surfer now and can talk to other kite surfers. They would let you know about their experiences. Kitesurfer community is extremely friendly and they would definitely give you good tips.

To get an idea about the waves and wind, start your kitesurfing session with a quick body dragging session and after that, play with the waves. It’s all about dealing with the things in synchronized and planned way and it is always good to invest your time and money. Show a little patience and get proper training of sports which involves safety risks the most.