Responsible Tourism Policy

As a company we are committed to creating  high quality adventure experiences which are non motorised & human powered shared through local community guides and orphaned youth, while creating awareness of the environmental as well as socio-cultural factors in the region. Discovery programs & learn programs in sports like Kayaking, Sailing, Windsurfing, Stand up Paddle, Kitesurfing as well as  Snorkelling. We are located in a remote village in Tamil Nadu near the Gulf of Mannar Marine Biodiversity Park & Palkbay. Our annual initiatives include beach cleanups, marine bio-diversity awareness programs, community vocation acceleration programs, fishermen to life-guard programs, etc.

“In India through economic sustainable practices we can inculcate the values for protection of our socio-cultural & environmental existence. In theory if we were to combine the triple bottom line of sustainability with Maslow's hierarchy of needs for a country like India, the most important requirement would be economic relief for food & shelter. Only once we have addressed this basic need can we create awareness to a receptive audience about socio cultural & environmental sustainability.”

“One of the most powerful tools for sustainability are Awareness & Interpretation”



Socio-Cultural Sustainability

Our Socio-Cultural Commitment

To protect local community culture & human rights within our scope of influence.

Practices to achieve our commitment

  • Creating awareness through training & showcasing to our staff

  • Creating awareness to our customers on local customs, etiquette & religion

  • Creating awareness for our local community on interaction with travellers

  • Training staff on social issues in the local communities they operate

  • Encouragement to engage customer support toward socio-cultural projects


Environmental Sustainability

Our Environmental Commitment

Using resources in an efficient and responsible way by ensuring our trips/activities are designed to minimise physical impact on the destination while showcasing the environment positively.

Practices to achieve our commitment

  • Operating & promoting non-motorised activity, sport & trips since 2011

  • Training programs for staff, stakeholders & public on cleanliness

  • Beach cleanups along with schools, District Forest Department & Coast Guard

  • Environmental awareness programs conducted for schools in the destination

  • Environmental awareness displays in office, property & public events

  • Plantation of over 4,000 indigenous forest trees within our property

  • Composting food waste for the plantation

  • Reef protection through local engagement with fishing community

  • Awareness programs on sustainable fishing methods

  • Biodiversity checklist for species in and around destination

  • Solar electricity is used to power two of our properties

  • Solar water heaters used for hot water showers in two of our properties

  • Printing & paper usage is limited to Government regulations only

  • Clean filtered water (RO) is provided to all customers to refill provided thermos bottles to minimise usage of bottled water

  • Construction of accommodation & office with maximum use of natural materials grown on the property itself


Economic Sustainability

Our Economic Commitment

Supporting host communities, suppliers, key stakeholders & our staff. Wealth distribution is structured in a way that it is beneficial all through the pipeline.

“We spend what we make in the host community while achieving sustainable growth of Quest Expeditions Pvt Ltd & stakeholders”

Practices to achieve our commitment

  • Employment in the local community for permanent & temporary staff

  • Contribution to employee health, education & travel benefits

  • Incentive profit share scheme with employees in activity services

  • Key stakeholders & staff are encouraged to spending in local community

  • Procurement of raw materials for construction & operations locally

  • Training camps for self help groups along with the District Forest Department

  • Contracting services of transport & accommodation from locally owned operators

  • Incorporating local eateries and stores on our itineraries

  • Incorporating local public transport into our trips where possible

  • Contributing to sporting events along with District Administration