Marine Wildlife park & Bird Sanctuary



Jamnagar is a wildlife lovers paradise! Home to Marine wildlife park where you can see exotic marine wildlife by just walking through water 2 feet deep, no need to dive here.. Besides Marine bio diversity Jamnagar is home to a large Bird Sanctuary & historical treasures. Our friendly hosts are always waiting to show you their beautiful Jamnagar.

Jamnagar is one of the most Authentic places for an exploratory visit in India, specially if you are travelling to India for the first time. Besides one of the best places in the world to encounter marine wildlife Jamnagar is a town that keeps you excited & busy enough to make an awesome experience. Things to do in Jamnagar, Gujarat- Walk in the Marine Wildlife park of Narara, take a boat trip to the island of Pirotan, Visit the ancient temples of Dwarka, Bird watchers paradise at Khijariya bird sanctuary, Walk around the narrow streets of the main ‘bazaar’ market, see the local temple in Jamnagar where they have been chanting non-stop for years (a Guinness world record maybe) & the yummy food at our favourite restaurant. How easy is it to get all this information & book your trip? (That’s where we come in) drop us an email on booking@quest-asia.com & we can co-ordinate your entire trip, you will meet our friends, taste our favorite foods & encounter our favourite spots. Since it is not a tourist hot-spot we cannot rave enough to do it justice.

Birding in Gujarat, one of the best places for bird watching is the region around the Kutch- our encounter with birds has always been upfront & personal! Due to the various number of water bodies, marsh land & salt pans there is an extremely healthy population of birds in & outside the national parks. We have seen flamingoes & painted stork from our jeep while driving around the salt pans, birds of prey in the scrubland & that’s just the beginning of our story…



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