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National Geographic Traveller 3rd Jan 2017

Where to Go in 2017


The turquoise waters off the coast of Rameshwaram are a treat, above and below the surface. The ocean has thriving coral reefs and good visibility. Photo: Ravi Shekhar/Dinodia Photo Library

Unlike last year, 2017 has plenty of long weekends, perfect for exploring India—and there’s plenty to discover. From new safari hotspots and secluded beaches (yes, there are still a few) to cultural escapes in the northeast and down south—this list is all about exploring the country’s still undiscovered secrets. Go on, start planning now.


Condé Nast Traveller India Sept 19th 2017

Condé Nast Traveller India Sept 19th 2017

The next morning, I met Jehan Driver, owner, Quest Asia, who gave me my first kitesurfing lesson—wind orientation theory. To successfully kitesurf, one needs to control the kite—akin to a flat parachute in the sky—and harness its wind power to get your board moving in the sea.